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Re: Type 44 hood cable


You can try reaching the latches from underneath.  It's a bitch, but can
be done with a sufficient amount of cursing...  Also depending upon
where the break is, if the two latches are connected still, pulling the
downstream one could open both...

Once you do get it open, if the cable covering is OK, you may want to
consider a fix I did on a previous VW Quantum wagon (with the I5 Quattro
system):  Go to a bicycle shop and get enough stainless brake cable of a
usable diameter to thread this thru the existing tube and make the
connections.  Of course this only works if the tube is OK.  The VW took
a bike cable end on the pull level inside, so it was a perfect fit. 
Can't say what the Audi takes, as I haven't (yet) had to replace one...
Threading new cable thru only took 10 min compared to a hour or more for
replacing the whole tube/lever assembly.

BTW if you do go with the bike cable fix, have the shop cut the end for
you, their circular cutter will enable the cut end to be more easily
pushed thru the tube.

Good Luck


BrutKobain@aol.com wrote:
> Does anyone on the list know how to open the hood on an 85 5kt, w/o using the
> release, the cable snapped somehow, and now it's closed.
> Any help?
> Ian