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Re: Coilovers

> Actually, when i just did the coilovers on my UrQ, i did it in such a way 
>  that it just might be reversable.  I cut the weld just at the point where 
>  the spring basket started, so that it can e re-welded if desired.  I made 
>  sure i did a very clean job of it, because of the rarity and value of the 
>  UrQ strut housings....

If you grind the weld bead down carefully, you can knock the original perch 
off with a hammer and easily have it welded back on at a later date ... BTDT 
with the aluminum collars from Ground Control Systems.

BTW, at the risk of being pedantic, the term "coilover" means only that the 
spring and damper assembly are mounted concentrically; as such, even the 
stock spring/perch setup can be referred to as a coilover.