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Brake Pads + ATE Powerdiscs?

    I warped another set of front rotors in a period of about 4-5 months and
I am looking for a new set of front pads.  When I drive hard, I drive hard.
I am hard on my brakes, plus I have an automatic which means when I come to
a stop I need to hold my foot down on the brakes.  This causes a serious hot
spot on the rotors I would assume.  I try to go to neutral after a hard stop
and stand still situation but that's not always possible.  What organic pads
would do the best for me?
    Also since there has been some talking about ATE Powerdiscs I was
wondering about personal experiences with them.  They look quite cool.  Also
when the new wheels go on I will have much more ventilation since right now
I have steels with full plastic wheel covers.  Anyone have good/bad
    Can ATE rotors be safely refinished or is that not worth it?  I can buy
the regular ATE rotors for only $30.80 a piece, so it might not be worth
refinishing them.

    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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