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Question about hydraulic servo on '91200Q

Lately, I've noticed that the brake warning light takes several seconds to
shut off, usually at cold startup in the mornings, though it doesn't always
happen then.  I replaced the hydraulic accumulator in January, and it's
fine (30-40 pumps on the pedal after the engine is shut off).  I pulled the
hydraulic return line from the servo to the reservoir, per the Bentley, and
checked for leakage.  If you pull the line at the reservoir, there's no
leakage at all, until you push the hose down at or below the level of the
servo.  Then there's a tiny stream of hyraulic fluid coming out, then a few
drops, then nothing.  I assume this is just the residue of Pentosin left in
the hose itself.  I also assume the servo is okay???  Any BTDT on this?
Any ideas on the light?  Sticky brake warning light switch??  The brakes
function fine.  I've noticed no deterioration of performance, such as it is.


- Jim