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Questions about 90K mi. service on '89 90Q

I am preparing for my 1989 90Q's 90,000 mi. service and I
have a few questions ...

Planning to replace the following:
- timing belt
- timing belt idler pulley
- water pump/gasket
- ignition wires, coil, cap, rotor & plugs
- aux. drive belts (alt, ps, a/c)
- crank front oil seal
- fuel filter
- air filter
- all fluids, except power steering

- Is there anything else I need to take care of?
- Are there any special tools required to do above?
    - Is it worth while to rent a tool set from
- When removing/installing harmonic balancer, how do you
  the engine from turning while torquing bolts?


Michael Stocker  <mstocker@neo.rr.com>
  '89 90Q    '96 A4Q