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089 / 087 Transmission help anyone?

    Anyone out there know much about the 089 / 087 tranmissions?  I run a
089 (KAU) and just a couple of days ago I started getting a frightful noise.
When I put the car in drive when it's cold, first thing in the morn', it
engages with the normal thump, BUT when I touch the accelerator and move
forward something from underneath my car clicks loudly.  Sounds like a metal
on metal clash.  It will happen if I stop the car put it in reverse then
back to drive, step on the gas and click.  Only when it's cold, the noise
does not happen after about 5 minutes of driving.
    I'm very weary of this auto transmission, and have heard that the
beginning of trouble is any funny noises.  Once the noises come it's time to
rebuild.  ATF is at proper level, checked it tonight.  Anyone know what that
noise might be?  Trouble?


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