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Re: I got the Coupe GT! (&adios 5kt...)

No need to explain to me.  I bought my CGT in 11-91.  I've owned 4 other
cars since then and always enjoy getting back in the cgt for a drive. 
And I've spent a fraction on upkeep for it as compared to the 3 q's. 
I've recently started referring to it as Cinderella.

Ed Kellock
Greenville, SC  USA
91 V8q 5-speed
87 Coupe GT
91 200q Avant, 4kq conversion project?

On Mon, 26 Jul 1999 22:02:57 -0700 only5kgt@uswest.net writes:
>Subject matter says it all, I think.
>It might be possible that some would wonder why, if I had a
>paid-for type 44 turbo, I'd want to pay extra ($1000+ the
>5kt in this case) for a smaller, slower Audi. Well, I have
>come to the conclusion that, at this time, a little
>simplification was in order, both in the driveway and in
>other aspects of life(digression...).
>The Nautical Blue 1987 5000 CS Turbo was traded in today,
>for a 1985 Coupe GT. 75,000 miles newer, cosmetically better
>off, mechanically sound (but for a bit of loose feeling in
>the front end- full report on that tomorrow), COLD AC
>without electronics! The weirdest thing about this car is:
>Car-o-Scope directed me towards a Granada. But it did get me
>thinking about priorities. I am a one-car, one-driver
>household. Quattro is not of the essence for traction for me
>here in the desert( I am cognizant of the handling benefits
>though) and straightline speed is not the highest item on my
>...Perhaps, I had too much car to begin with...
>It's strange... this Coupe seems much more in tune with what
>I'm after in a car than the 5kt was. And...NO pentosin
>Wish me luck...
>1985 CGT
>1987 5kcst in recent memory

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