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85 UrQ!!

Well, you may not beleive this, but I just got my hands on a DAMN nice
85 UrQ. (!!) Its midnight blue metallic with a really nice looking
updated interior. Body perfect but paint chips up front. Passenger seat
a little torn at seam. (fixable)??  If I told you how much, you all
would hate me, so I wont say. Here's the catch...  It has a new head,
valves exhaust and new turbo (not rebuilt). All this was done last
week.  Since then the car overheated  and now doesnt run. My guess is
head gasket, or warped head or something fairly simple.  His mechanic
thought it might be holes in the pistons. From an overtemp??? I couldnt
picture it. I dont know if that actually got tested or not.
So if the engine is burger, would it be sacrilidgeous to put in a
'murican v8?  Would it be more expensive than just fixing it? 
Any tips appreciated.