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Re: V8 5-Speed in NH

In a message dated 7/27/99 8:05:32 PM Eastern Daylight Time, gregsj@iea.com 

> Audi had speedometer problems on more than a few of  those cars.
>  I looked at one several years ago and the salesman told me, and
>  the title said; "actual mileage unknown."  Keep in mind that the
>  mileage _could_ be the miles that accumulated on the new
>  speedometer.  I'd ask the dealer to run the VIN number on the
>  Audi computer to see what comes up.

Very true, as a data point, that car did have cluster work done on it at some 
point. Service history indicates that it has actually 62kish miles vs the 
showing 58k. 

And Wayne added:
  "The car has a salvage title. It had some suspension and front damage. It is
Pearl white."

True also, all of which was taken care of. The price listed wasn't current 
however, 9500$ would be correct.

Chris Semple