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Re: Chip information


Here is an answer to part of your question.

There is no such thing as "modifying" a CPU or a chip - you either replace
them or not. They are basically stamped out on a production line (ok, there
are chemicals involved, etc). The chip mods that go into most cars are
replacement ROMs, with different instructions for the CPU. There should be
no reason to change the actual CPU, you would just be giving it a different
program that has different priorities than thoes intended by Audi. It's not
like having a faster CPU is going to enable your car to go faster.

Disclaimer: This is based simply on chip theory - I don't claim to know for
sure that there isn't a special situation going on in Audi computers that
makes this different. It's conceivable that the ROMs and CPU are all on one
board and have to be replaced together. If that's the case, and money could
be gained by "salvaging" the old CPU, your only chance would be if the chip
vendor offers you a core refund for sending in your old board, which my
guess is they would do so they could pop off your old ROMs, replace them
with their own & sell it to someone else.


Original message:

From: JMeckem@aol.com
Subject: Chip information
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 20:31:11 EDT

Hey listers, I want to install a chip and spring in my 91TQ.  It is a
car with 62k on the odo.  I live at a very high altitude and want the best
performance between 3000 and 5000 rpm.  My question is, should I buy from
of the usual suspects or is there someone who can modify my CPU or chip and
save me some $$$ by sending it away and waiting for it to return before
the car?

Any input would be appreciated.