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Re: 4KCSQ Add ons

Mud flaps?  Cow catchers??  Push bars????  Roof racks????  Not cramp your
style, but wouldn't a Jeep have been a better purchase?  [8^)  Actually,
you can find Euro headlights at a fair(?) price at Blaufergnugen.  Or get
some piaa's.  On the Internet Blau is located at
>www.audiquattroparts.com<.  I don't think they carry cow catchers, but
they do have an ad for a quattro snowplow.  Roll cages and rallye-grade
seats are out of my jurisdiction, but I know someone on the list will
know where to get them.  You might also want to look into suspension and
tire upgrades if you plan on 4 by'ing your quattro.  After all, you 4kq
is a ROAD CAR.  (But the "occasional" off-road excursion is allowable) 
;-)  I still think you should look into a Mercedes Unimog, or something,
if you want to crunch mud.  Use the quattro for snow driving, or mountain

By the way:  aren't cow catchers only found on old trains and Austrailian
big rigs?

Love, Like, or Just Plain Tolerate,


`85 4kq (Mud Flap-less)
`82 & `86 CGT (R.I.P.)

On Tue, 27 Jul 1999 20:17:43 -0700 "Raze" <Leuck@concentric.net> writes:
>Hi.  I am looking for a couple things for my newly acquired 4KCSQ.  
>Any help
>to a web page would be very helpful.
>Mud flaps (4)
>some sort of a cow catcher, push bar, ect.........
>roof rack that I can get add ons for,
>extra lighting, the stock lighting on the car sucks..............
>roll cage, rally seats, and other rally stuff, ect...................
>Thanks very much for your help