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Re: 4KCSQ Add ons

In message <19990727.230452.-223.0.tsal2@juno.com> Timothy C Salazar II writes:

> Mud flaps?  Cow catchers??  Push bars????  Roof racks????

Mud flaps are standard accessories.  They were mandated (and perhaps
still are) by many Eastern Europe countries.  In fact, you had to carry
a whole raft of arcania including first aid equipment, spare bulbs,

Back when they needed hard currency, they could have taught _ANY_ US
revenue enforcement team a trick or two.

I've seen bull bars on a 4kq.  Not a pretty sight, and I don't know
where they came from.

Lights?  Yeah, the stock US DoT lights suck granite boulders through
straws.  Euros is the way to go.

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