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Bumper Removal

I found that spinning a CGT at 70 in the snow/ice slush (stupid stupid 
stupid I know), then sliding backward into a ditch removes the front bumper 
very well.  Fortunately I stopped 6 inches before I hit a telephone 
switching box and caused major damage to the telephone grid.  Back bumper 
stayed right in place.  Only other damage was bent panhard rod for rear 
axle, had a stiff rod welded in and the car handled much better afterwards, 
the stock piece is quite flimsy.

The best part of the story.  A sheriff pulled up next to me, but slides 
past (It was quite slippery at this one spot, not so bad everywhere else in 
the county, damn it), so he decides to back up into oncoming traffic rather 
then getting out of his vehicle.  Few seconds later another batch of cars 
who can't stop in time comes along, and its bumpercars all over the road as 
they swerve to miss the sheriff.  They all missed me, but hit each other. 
 Then the Highway Patrol comes up to investigate the accident, and starts  
 taking reports from everyone else.  I've been waiting in the ice for 2 
hours for the HP to show up so they can pull my car from the ditch (1 hour 
longer than everyone else, It's a $1000 fine to disturb an accident vehicle 
in NC unless a Trooper says so),  so I hop out of the car, and run to the 
Trooper and say, "my car wasn't damaged, just slid in ditch, can I go?"

 He says, "sure,"
 and get the car pulled out and I go about my way.

George Selby
78 F-150 400M, 4 on floor, 4x4
86 Audi 4000CS Quattro