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Parting out '88 Audi GT Coupe, or selling as whole

A friend of mine picked up a '88 Audi GT Coupe, and used the engine out of it 
for a conversion in his VW Vanagon. 
he is selling the car whole, or parts. i have not seen it, he just asked me 
to post it to the list. Car is in southern New Jersey. He can ship stuff. 
Apparently the car is fixable.
'88 Audi GT Coupe "special edition" (ask him)
White, with red leather interior. White spoked wheels. 5speed tranny. Car was 
hit right front, but not bad. the engine and FI are removed, but it was 
unbolted, if anyone wants to put a turbo MC engine in there. he says the car 
has the digital instrument cluster. ( i dont know much about CGT's, so im 
just posting what he tells me) car has  PM,PW, PDL. he says he wants $700 or 
best offer, for whole car (he has good title) or he will part it out if he 
cant sell it whole..
his name is Ken Wilford, and you can email him at:
or call him:
(609)-765-1583 (NJ)
know you know as much as i do :<)

'86 5kT x2
'86 5kTQ x2