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CV boot job on a '84 5kS


I am no 5000 owner but a friend of mine recently bought one.  He is not
a list member and  asked me  yesterday for an advice on changing the CV
boot on his car (FWD).  He has seen my suspension and tells me his is
nothing like it.  As far as I understood over the telephone he doesn't
have A-shaped control arms and described me a mechanism in its place I
barely grasped.  He said he managed to take off a bolt that was holding
the ball joint (?) in place but couldn't take the piece off.

Does anyone have an idea what I am talking about (I don't).  If so,
please reply personally or on the list.  My friends boot is gone and he
wants to fix it rather than wait for the joint to go south.

Thanks.  Apologize for the bad explanation too.