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Re: 85 UrQ!!

On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, ---> Bob wrote:

> I was told radiator failure. Which seems to me it should just be warped
> head or something simple.  Im getting lots of hate mail about the v8
> conversion and that I should do it right, so thats probably (OK,
> definately) the way Ill go.  Thanks for the info!
> Bob

HATE MAIL?  Over a V8 swap?  I can believe it, but I can't believe you'd 
let a few zealots sway you like that.

I think you need as much hp and torque aspossible, an dif thta menas a 
chevy 350 or better yet, a Northstar 4.6, then sobeit.  Any engine with 
an even number of cylinders will probably be a better choice than that 
boat anchor I-5.

The Audi 3.6 V8 would be really sweet in that car, but they are expensive 
to come by.  Has anyone heard if Ben got his V8 sawp UR-Q done yet?

Graydon D. Stuckey
'91 V8 Quattro 5-speed		'86 Mazda RX7 TII+2
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