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Oshcosh Airshow


I'm leaving Friday morning from Boston for the big Oshcosh airshow. 
Going up through Canada, then crossing from Mich. over to Wis. on the
Luddington Ferry the Morning of the 1st.  Will be at the Airshow for two
days after that.  

Any listers going this year?  I was going to bum a ride on a friends
plane, but since they'll be 4 of us (friends from overseas) I'll be
taking the V8Q.  After the airshow going to Chicago and ??, playing it by

For those who don't know, Oscosh is a huge fly-in airshow.  For more

Defintily worth the trip, even if you have a mild interest in aviation.

Les??!! You listening?  You're not getting any younger you know...meet
you there?  I WANNA hear the war stories.



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