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Re: mileage

In message <379F1428.6C904BFA@raytheon.com> Luis Marques writes:

> Are you actually computing this from the miles traveled and fuel put in,
> or are you simply reading it off the trip computer?  In my experience,
> the trip computer can be very optimistic saying I average 28 mpg when
> the true value may be closer to 20 or 22 mpg.

The trip computer has a bias adjustment on both the green and red digital
dash ur-quattros.  Basically, you can set the thing to say what you like.

On the ur-quattro, with the dash cover removed, there are two holes on
the left side of the display unit, sometimes more or sell covered in

One is marked 'V' (Verbrauch) and provides a divisor for a kind of
integrating analogue computer that drives the mpg display.  The other
is marked 'T' (Tank) and adjusts the fuel level display.

It has more than once occured to me that setting the consumption to
read low (high mpg) and leaving the computer set on that would sucker
an unwary test driver.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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