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089 Trany / Differential Problem? + 80 Manual Trany Conversion?

    Well I had the car up this morning.  I looked for any signs of leaking,
the only thing that is leaking mildly is the ATF.  This is from the gasket
that holds the ATF fluid pan and the cover on the passenger's side of the
trany.  Not a biggie, no stains on the garage floor.  I did clean the ATF
off about two weeks ago to see if it would leak out and at what rate.  It
seems like the ATF level is fine as well, so not sweating that.

The clicking did not happen today?  It's gone.

    BUT when I had the car in neutral and had the wheels off the ground
something was not right.  About two weeks ago when I had the car up I tested
to see how much friction there was within the differential by putting the
car in neutral.  The wheels barely spun at all.  The somewhat warped rotors
would not let the wheels move at all.  Today I put the car in neutral with
the wheels up and they moved, oh did they ever.  The driver's side wheel was
flying forward a tad bit faster than the passenger's side wheel.  I could
barely get a hand on the driver's side to stop it.  I mean this didn't look
right at all, way to much friction for neutral.  Could be sign of a bad
differential, low oil level, or something else?  I am scared of this,
    Anyone ever done a manual trany conversion on an 80 Automatic?  New
master cylinder, flywheel, clutch, slave, trany...  Anyone BTDT?

Thank yous!

    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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