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Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP)

"Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP) is defined as the fabrication of an illness
in an [Audi] by the [Audi's] [owner](usually, but not always, the [driver]).
There is controversy as to whether MSBP should be regarded as an "illness" or as
a deliberate and serious form of [Audi] abuse.

In one study by Bools et al ([Audi] Abuse Negl Sept. 1994), it was found that
about 1/2 of the [owners] involved in MSBP had either smothered or poisoned
their [Audi] as part of the fabrication. 17 of the 47 [owners] had a personality
disorder of some kind. Some (see Lesaca, W V Med J Nov-Dec 1995) have
hypothesized that the [owner] involved in MSBP is seeking a supportive
relationship with a [mechanic] or other [listserv member].

In any case, the [Audi] suffers from the parent's actions and is subjected to
great risks, owing to extensive [mechanical] procedures ordered by the
unsuspecting [technician]".

The above [names] have been changed to protect the innocent.  Think about it:
if the failure ratio is anywhere near as high as our list members report on a
regular basis, we all need to have our heads examined (or magnafluxed).

Nick Bean, Founder
The Co-dependent's Quattro Club (CQC)
'90 CQ et al.