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Re: Chip information

----- Oprindelig meddelelse -----
Fra: Celestino Okenve <cokenve@diatel.upm.es>
Til: Claus Vegener <vegener@post7.tele.dk>; quattro audifans
Sendt: 28. juli 1999 20:24
Emne: Re: Chip information

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> >----- Oprindelig meddelelse -----
> >Fra: Claus Vegener <vegener@post7.tele.dk>
> >Til: <JMeckem@aol.com>
> >Cc: quattro audifans <quattro@audifans.com>
> >Sendt: 28. juli 1999 09:54
> >Emne: Re: Chip information
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> As I can understand, we have a cpu, various sensors, a program stored on
> valatile
> memory (EPROM) and look-up tables for conversion on EPROM.
> And what the tuners does is: changes the program (bias, conversion,
> etc) to gain more features on the engine.
> If thinks are as "grosso modo" I have understood, as an electronic
> I think
> that:
> a) I could program the EPROM using a file with code as the ones inserted
> tuners. Any one can make it available?.

Yes but it takes some skill and knowledge of the car model and month of

> b) the code of the original ECU or the one that comes from tuners, is (as
> suspect) the result of a program for an specific CPU, that combines input
> from sensors, giving as a result, the (optimized) behaviour of the engine
> different conditions and acting diferent periferal systems (ignition,
> valves,etc).
No the program code is nor altered (as far as I understand). Only the
look up tabels or map for boost, ignition and fuel - but I may be wrong.

> If this is correct, one(the driver) may have different
> programs, usefull at differents conditions (altitude, humidity, cruise
> driving, etc), selectable by (switch?) to optimize the vehicule following
> the user needs.

You may from some tuners have the possibility to switch between your
chips and your new chips by a hidden contact.
But I can only see this at an advance if your engine is under warranty or
you are afread of
your daughter's boyfriend racing your car .)

For most purpose, a chip tuned car - if done well - don't use more gas and
is just as
driveable or better than before.

> That means we can have differents machines at finger tip using the same
> vehicule with no additional cost (except in increasing the size of the
> program). This is a value added in form of software and I wonder how AUDI
> enginneers have no realized this fact in the desing of the 2000 audi...
> c) The program is based on mathematical model  that act as a block that
> receives input and gives optimized and safe outputs to peripherals.
> Optimization may be based on torque, fuel comsumption,  etc. If this is
> correct what is the behaviour model assumed by the AUDI peoples?. It
> interresting to know...
> d) The program may be written by any who know programming control systems.
> But, which CPU is used?. If is differents from the comercial ones (intel,
> motorola, NEC, etc) a cross-compiler can be used to obtain the machine
> I suposse that AUDI is not interrested in reveal the program or the model
> because  technology skill is a high value but some issues can be
> in favour of the Audi users who can, apart of being beneficed by this
> policie, increase the updating cycle and improve the audi technology.
> More thinks are in my mind but is enough for today.
> Some ideas?

Traction control and I think it is called ESP programs that made the small
Mercedes clear the swedish moole test are enhancement to the human driver
if he a)is not skilled enough, b)push the limits, c)help poor constuctive

And what the tuners do - just put some of the more boring features out of
control again so we can have som fun. A "bad" thing for a quattro is, that
ar not able to do a real burn out -  as you not are with tractioncontril

The program and the input from eproms or maps have to realize the physics of
the engine. A model with coated pistons and valves may run leaner. Use that
setup on an standard car the pistons just melt
There fore I don't think everyone with a computer is able to make his own
And what about the electronic trottle? Now program errors get's life real

Claus - sorry for the long story - you asked for ideas

> Celestino Okenve <cokenve@diatel.upm.es>