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Re: V8Q: Reference Sensor & Idle switch BTDT

What codes specifically did you get?  If the ignition is turned on but the
engine is not started  then the ecu sets a crank sensor code since it has
no way of checking the part until the engine spins.  The code is cleared as
soon as the engine starts.  I would not replace that sensor without good
reason,  I have done these at the dealer and they are a PITA.  Submit the
codes and we can go from there.  As far as the idle switch goes piece of
cake,  If you are smart enough to test it reliably then its just common sense.

Daniel Jones 84 4ksq x2
Dealer Tech (do lots o' V8 work)

At 10:14 AM 7/28/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Well, I finally pulled the codes on my car last night ... the ECU is telling
>me that both of the above have a problem.  I did confirm that the idle
>switch (G60) is not closing ... even though I can hear a definite click when
>the throttle goes to idle.  I wanted to see if any have had to deal with a
>similar problem ... I'm tempted to take the thing apart to see if it just a
>broken wire (as is so endemic on the MC engines) that can easily be fixed by
>opening up the module.  I do know that the contacts inside microswitches can
>fail too ...
>I also thought I'd check to see if anyone has replaced their own reference
>sensor (G4) on the PT engine.  I stuck my head up in there and it appears
>that there is some sort of a heat shield I'll need to remove, but the
>exhaust header makes it look like I won't have a lot of access even then.
>Is the sensor accessible at all with the intake covers removed?
>Steve Buchholz
>San Jose, CA (USA)