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Re: 4KCSq A/C hose options

I've got 2 spares,  where are you?  If you want one you pay shipping and
its yours.  (no other parts for free)

Daiel jones 84 4ksq x2

At 04:11 PM 7/28/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi all--
>Just got off the phone with the local audi dealer pricing an
>AC hose (compressor to condensor) for my 87 Audi 4KCSq.
>$193. After I regained consciousness, I decided there must
>be a better way.
>I'd already tried Blau and The Parts Connection. Dealer
>only. Anyone have a used one? Are there any American car
>substitutes that I might be able to use (i.e. go to the
>local parts jobber and get one for a 78 Granada).
>BTW, I drove a Granada during driver's ed--and see, I ended
>up with a quattro--so there must be something to this
>Car-o-scope (although I didn't end up with one on mine--I
>got worse I think--a Dodge Colt Vista and a VW Westphalia.
>Having driven a prepped 510, I think it was an acceptable
>alternative as the third choice). Sorry for the WoBW.
>ANY ideas or assistance on the AC stuff would be a great
>Dave N.
>87 4KCSq