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4kstq (another swap)

  I am also doing a turbo swap into a 4kq and have decided on a third option 
to the airbox question with #1 being buy the UR upper and #2 being cut and 
fiberglass back together the OEM 4kq upper.  I decided to custom build one 
out of 1/8 aluminum.  It can be seen if you go to the site below and follow 
the link "Audi turbo quattro".  This page has minimal audi content now but 
will get more as time progresses.  There is some hopefully interesting info 
on my last swap project which is non-audi.

  David Glubrecht
  84 4kq x4 (one getting turbo)
  85 4kq parting
  87 5kt parting
  89 200tq few parts left
  88 Fiero GT 3.4 TDC
  ICQ# 12619989

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