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RE: Tire sies

Well I counter by saying that on most cars I usually put on a set on wider 
(but not taller) tires. I don't go overboard, maybe a set 10 or 20 mm 
wider, but a smaller aspect ratio.  Whatever will fit on the rim that came 
on the car when I bought it.  On trucks I jack them up.  The Ford is on 35" 
tires, with 3.21 gears, and still does a 8 sec
0-60.  Loafs along at 2300 rpm at 70 mph and gets 13 mpg while doing it. 
 Towing 5000 lbs it gets 10 mpg.  Of course it has torque to spare.  I use 
the truck off-road in remote areas and those tires come in handy when 
sliding through 2 feet of sticky goo.  Audi 5 cyl has minimal torque but 
lots of hp and needs the smaller diameter tires to keep good acceleration. 
 If you are used to the accel of stock diameter tires, your car will feel 
gutless when you go bigger.  If you buy the car (or truck) with bigger 
tires already you don't know what you are missing.

As far as premature wear goes, I don't have what I consider excessive wear 
in any of my trucks with larger tires.  The new lighter duty trucks with 
minimized parts (designed to hold up to only the amt of torque the engine 
can provide) might not have as good luck.  I know in the newer trucks the 
front wheel bearings are closer together, increasing mechanical leverage to 
the tires and causing premature bearing wear.  On my trucks (all Dana 44 
front ends) the bearings are spaced nice and wide, and the brakes are of 
sufficient size to lock up my 35" tires.

George Selby
78 F-150 400M, 4 on floor, 4x4 35" tires
85 Dodge W-100 360 4x4 33" tires
82 Jeep Cherokee SJ 360 4x4 32" tires
86 Audi 4000CS Quattro Stock tires and wheels
85 Nissan 200SX Stock Tires and wheels

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Listen to George, Romeo.

 Too many people out there (usually trucker and SUV types) going to
oversize tires. They wonder and complain about premature brake wear,
poor handling, poor town fuel mileage, and loss of acceleration. The
aftermarket tire shops are pushing it real hard these days-they have
nothing to lose. I know they generally shoot for similar diameters, but
most consumers don't realize how much time, energy and money goes into
factory design. Audi's are not bitchen cars because someone thinks they
look better with bigger tires. They're hot right out of the box! That's
why George smoked 'em! George had 'em beat before the race ever
started....in the head. (Good job, George).

gutless '84 5ks (but cute)