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Re: 4KSQ CO Adjustment

In message <199907290630.XAA12521@mt.arias.net> "Romeo Shayne Pavlic'" writes:

> Is there anyway to get the CO adjustment close without using a gas analyzer
> (something I don't currently own)?  Also, what is the adjustment screw on
> the top of the intake manifold right under the throttle linkage?

a) In despair at finding a decent portable analyser, I've adopted
   Roger Galvin's 'Colortune' technique.  With practice, you can get
   very close indeed to the results you would get with a proper 4-gas
   analyser.  The Gunson portable gas analyser is, IMO, next to useless
   except for generating lottery numbers.  The adjustment is _very_
   sensitive - so much so that Bosch and Audi both recommend always
   doing the setting from the same direction.  I.e., if you think a
   3 degree clockwise movement appropriate, go back ten and forward
   thirteen.  The adjuster is a long 3mm hex key - get one with a fixed
   T-handle that's at least four inches long.  Take the key out after
   each adjustment and blip the throttle.  DO NOT LEAVE THE KEY IN.

b) Leave it alone.

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