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RE: [1point8T] Quattro Questions

1: Yes and no.  The center diff is purely mechanical, but at each axle the
computer uses the ABS sensors to apply the brake to the spinning wheel,
thereby sending power to the non spinning (traction having) wheel.

2: 3 diffs..  front, center (TorSen) and rear.  Front and rear are open

3: Good question..  I don't know, but MTM has no problems with their 420hp
1.8 quattros...

4: The parking brake mechanically actuates the rear brake discs.

Hope this helps, and I'm accurate on my info

Rich Quinlan
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Subject: [1point8T] Quattro Questions

From: Daniel Harman <dharman@sprynet.com>

I have a couple of question about the Quattro system...

1) Is it electronically controlled?
2) How many diffs are there?
3) What is the maximum amount of power that can be sent to each
4) Does the parking brake use the 4 discs or its own setup?

All of the above questions concern a 99 A4 1.8TQ or similar. I would be
interested in any Quattro system though.

99 A4 1.8TQMS K04 Santorin

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