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Re: Loose headliner

In a message dated 7/29/99 10:32:13 AM Eastern Daylight Time, LGREGF@aol.com 

<< The cloth headliner in my 87 5000 has separated from the roof, probably as 
 result of the car being parked in extreme heat for a few days.  I would like 
 to fix this without taking things apart  I can spray adhesive through the 
 light opening but not sure what to use that will act like contact cement and 
 not discolor the fabric.  Would like to hear from anyone who has had this 
 problem and solved it with minimal intervention.  Thanks.

best fix is to eliminate the problem once and for all.  this is a terrible 
design, and if you glue one part of it up, another part will sag down soon 
locate a '84 5000 in a junkyard, and use the headliner out of that.
'84 5000's had the vinyl headliner...a far superior one than the later style.
easy to clean, never sags... why in Gods name did audi go to a cloth 
headliner in the later typ44's???  
who knows..   
'86 5kT (with saggy headliner)