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Re: Now engine swap, was 85 UrQ!!

Javad said,
>This is all fine if you enjoy shifting at 4500 rpm when these motors 
>run>out of breath,

Hmmm, LT-1 6,500 RPM redline exactly the same as my urQ.

>or how about 10-15 gallons per mile...highway cruising.

Hmm I get 17-18 also not far from my UrQ.

>The UrQuattro is the representative of Audi's racing legacy, it has a rich 
>history and story.  If you want to cut it up and put in a low revving 
>tourque monster, go ahead,>your decision.  But at most, you will draw a 
>tabloid based initial reaction>to your frankenstein creation.  It will no 
>longer be an Audi Ur Quattro, but
>a freak for you to drive and enjoy.

For the most part, I agree, but if history and racing pedigree float your 
boat, you don't have to look very far to find plenty of real factory racers 
that were trashed rebodied/engined and trashed again before being restored 
40 years later at values way in excess of that of their first few decades of 
existance.  That should give Bob plenty of time to experiment before our UrQ 
turn into "treasures".

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