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Re: I5 flywheel lightening and Centerforce clutches...

"Also, is anyone running a Centerforce clutch?  I'm not planning on going
hog wild..."

I have used the Centerforce Dual friction on Porsches and a few Japanese
"pocket rockets" for street use. They seem to be smooth engaging and
certainly hold better (90% increase claimed). Many of their pressure plates
for import cars do not have the actual weights that make up the centerforce
concept due to bellhousing size restrictions but that does not seem to
affect the lock-up power.

Lightening the flywheel should give noticeable results in throttle response
and acceleration. Everyone is well aware of the advantages of using alloy
wheels, etc. but any weight you can take off of the crankshaft (before
torque multiplication from gears, etc.) will return the most significant
gains. If you go too light there will likely be problems with idle control.
Possible surging or dying coming to a stop. This can be programmed out
through chip manipulation if you have a source who is willing to work with
you on it.

Bryan Doughty
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