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RE: Now engine swap, was 85 UrQ!!

> > I don't know why you'd want to put 60's technology in an Audi.  Just my
> > personal opinion.  Hey American companyies did just stop making pushrod
> > motors a couple of years ago!
> > 
> They Did? When I went to the car show in new york, even the newest of
> ford and chevy, including the northstar (but I love the northstar
> engine) had rockers. Youre right though...
... while it may be true that the 'murkun car companies may not be "up to
date" in terms of creating high RPM V8s, I've always felt that there really
was little need for them to do so.  Most people don't buy a car with a big
V8 so they can hear the motor running at 7500 RPM ... the engines have
sufficient torque so that they don't need to be revved to create power.  

... and to anyone who says the Americans are behind the times I think I'd
remind them of a little 215 CID engine that was produced by GM in the 60s
... which is not the basis of more recent European offerings ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)