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Laser Ticket

You may want to go to one of those local traffic ticket fighting agencies. 
As far as I know, in most juridications (states) laser is not on judicial
notice - Meaning that in order to hold up in court the prosecution first
has to prove that laser works, then prove that the officier used it
correctly. This is unlike radar where the prosecution only has to show the
officer used it correctly.

I got a laser ticket in Ontario last year and got off for this reason (it
took 10 minutes in court). Since judicial notice is based on case law, it
is extremely difficult to find out what its status is. Given your
situation I would pay the $100-200 and go to an agency for help - there
are plenty of tactics to use even if laser is on judicial notice. 

I have also attached the link of a very helpful ticket fighting page:

Remember always fight your tickets - whether you're guilty or not. You are
to be considered innocent unless proven guilty... not the other way

I'm sure a number of people will want to jump in after that last statement
- flame away - please research the topic first though. 

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Dwayne Cosby
94 S4