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Re: Engine Swap

>  I just have to decide if the value I place in the car is in owning a piece 
of history or not.  Personally that
>  mental battle is just starting.  Were I looking at my car with a dead 
motor, the decision would be MUCH harder.

Keep in mind that Bob's '84 Ur-Q is even more rare than our '85s even if it 
may not be quite as desirable among Ur-Q fans.  Although his car appeared to 
be in pretty good condition when I saw/drove it, one of the previous owners 
had a fairly fancy stereo system installed and metal had been cut in both the 
doors as well as the rear deck ... as such, I'd think restoring it back to 
factory stock condition would be both costly and time-consuming.  Because of 
this, I would not hesitate to tinker with it if it were my car and Bob 
obviously feels the same way...

That said, the decision is more difficult for me because my '85 is 
absolutely, completely stock except for the wheels and Konis I've installed, 
both of which can easily be reversed.  Part of me wants to build a "killer 
car" -- it's not a very strong performer in stock form -- and part of me 
wants to keep it factory stock.  For now, though, I've decided to have the 
stock head rebuilt and put the 2.5L motor I've been building into the 200q 
since it needs one at the moment and I can sort out the various operational 
details there just as well as in the Ur-Q.

Down the road, however, I'm seriously considering an engine swap for the 200q 
and when I do, I think the 2.5L will find a new home in my Ur-Q, collector's 
value be damned...