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Re: Multimeter clip for fuel system?

In message <00ac01bed9e8$80e3b7c0$5e672399@ftp-client> "Alexander van Gerbig" writes:

>     Today I ventured into the fuel system to checkvoltages with my
> multimeter.  I made a homemade set of connectors to hook-up directly with
> the Bosch fuel system clips and it works OK.  I get voltages with a postive
> reading that are within the tolerances described, but when I checked it on
> my ISV the engine acted as if the ISV wasn't getting any power.

As a general rule - if you break into an ISV circuit you _MUST_ switch
the engine off and on again before making any measurements.  Most Audi
(VDO) ISV controllers go on permanent strike if they see an open
circuit to the ISV itself.  This situation can _ONLY_ be remedied by
ignition cycling.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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