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Re: Now engine swap, was 85 UrQ!!

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Mmm. Wait a year and see what becomes of the unloved rotory! I'm
moonlighting this list to see if I'm willing to give up my rotory for
quattro power.... I still dream of a 4kcstq. <sigh>

btw, the rotory will be back, 225-250hp non-turbo later this year /
early 2000. The cars that go Mmmmmmm. =)

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At 7:13 PM -0000 9/28/99, Nick Bean wrote:
>Surely you don't mean the 13B twin rotor Wankel of Rx4/7 fame, do you?
>Nick Bean
>>If its weight/hp we're looking for, then I vote for the 13B!!


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