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Re: fighting massachussets laser ticket

First thing you should do is closely examine the ticket... Make sure all the 
information is correct... model of car, color, time of day, license, 
registration, place, etc... if it doesn't match up you might be able to get 
out on a technicality (A friend of mine got a parking ticket. He has Ohio 
plates, and the officer put down NY plates. The ticket was thrown out of 
court).  Also be sure to remember the officer's name and what he looks 
like... many times the officers are so busy that they send a 'proxy' in their 

Here in CT, instead of getting hassled with the paperwork of processing a 
ticket, sometimes they make you a pay a certain amount to a charity and all 
you have to do is give proof of a receipt... The charity makes out, the court 
has less BS clogging it, and you don't get any points on your license....

And finally, I don't know if this works or not but you can try it...
Whatever the outcome of your ticket is... Have the bill for the fine and 
court fees (a lot of tickets you can plead 'no conteste' by mail and they 
will send the bill for the court fees to your house).  When you pay it, pay 
10$ over whatever you owe.  When the check gets sent back to you for the 
overpayment, DO NOT cash it.  
It seems that the court can not close out the case until all financial 
transactions are cleared... If the case never closes the points will never go 
on your ticket. I can't verify it, but it might be worth the shot.

Hope this helps...