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Re: Radio Code

Lawrence Bardfeld wrote:

> I think (perhaps naively, given the fact that I'm almost totally
> devoid of mechanical skills) that I'll be able to pull the radio,
> after looking at the owner's manual and my Bentley (what a valuable
> resource, largely wasted on me), and perhaps rigging up a radio
> "puller" from coat hanger wire if my mechanic friend has nothing
> better suited to the task amongst his tools.

Or you could always drive 30min to my place and let me do it _without_
breaking the consile face panel :-)
Besides, in the toolbox I have every radio puller known to man _and_ a
case of both the light and the dark Bavarian in the fridge.

BTW, it's time to mount your Valentine 1 anyway. I have already prepared
the custom bracket and cable for you.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.