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Fw: 85 UrQ!!

Wanna trade your rare one for my '83 w/ 68k
GOOD daily driver Bob....VERY good....


 - Doug

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From: ---> Bob <mx@snet.net>|
|>   >>
|> Perish the thought. It would ruin one of, I
think, 72 cars in North America.
|> For shame!!!!!!! Besides engines can be
repaired or replaced with siliar
|> units for no mores money and less agrivation.
|> DF
|Oh ok!  :)
|Yup, still getting hate mail on this. (Ive been
called, Jerk, Psycho,
|stupid...nice bunch out there!) But I think I
decided to save the engine
|thats in it.  The v8 was a fleeting thought if
the original engine is
|just beyond repair. I will just bring it back
to all its original glory
|and use it as such. And probably as my daily
commuter (Oh goodie, here
|comes more hate mail).