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CGT cutout at 5000+rpm

Hello Audinauts,
Just got the "new" Coupe back from the shop (new A-arm
bushings and alignment to tighten up that front end.
Handling: YEEEEHAA!)
I was driving exuberantly last night to say the least. While
doing what a friend called "Getting your 3rd on" all the way
to the redline, it cut out, *hard*, at around 5300 indicated
revs. I repeated the same scenario a few minutes later.
Now, is this the famed fuel-pump relay from a 4 cyl car
problem? P/N, anyone?
Or, is it the alternative problem we hypothesized at the
time. I noticed that, a few different times, the tach
slightly lagged the sound of the motor climbing in revs.
Could it be that somehow, the tach was behind, and I was
hitting real limiter there?

With the front suspension put right, all I can say about
this beast is, *wow*. So much more nimble than my 5kt, it's
amazing. I concede that the 5k definitely feels more solid
at speed, though. Tradeoffs...
1985 Coupe GT