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fighting ticket advice?

In a message dated 99-07-29 19:39:05 EDT, Cynic44642@aol.com writes:

<< First thing you should do is closely examine the ticket... Make sure all 
 information is correct... model of car, color, time of day, license, 
 registration, place, etc... if it doesn't match up you might be able to get 
 out on a technicality >>

Interesting question here for you folks who specialize in law...I recieved a 
ticked, I was told first off for speeding, then it was changed to "disobay 
traffic control device" on the ticket. the copy of the ticket I recieved had 
no information other than my name, the vehichle I was driving, and the 
location. Other Information, along with his signature was missing. I then 
plead not guilty at the court, and ask for another copy. I recieve back a 
copy of the officer's ticket, yet all the information is filled out and it is 
signed. I compared to my original copy, and the ticket number is the same, 
but the handwriting is different for all of the information, which is filled 
out. Any advice on what I should do when the court date comes?