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RE: AfterRun Cooling Pump Alternative?

OK, don't loose it again,

This is a repost if I missed something let me know..

* The pump is a 12Volt coolant pump and is designed to act as a water pump
for a small block Chevy,
* Electrical draw is under 10AMP and when the coolant is hot the electrical
draw is only 2 AMP, as a comparison, the draw on the rad. fan (at the lowest
speed) is between 11-13 AMP
* The pump is NOT magnetically driven, it is driven by a shaft with a high
temperature impeller (when you get the pump you get 2 spare impellers)
* Dia. of the pump is app. 2.5" and length is under 6"
* The pump section is all SS
* The flow capacity of the pump is many time over the Audi pump (designed to
replace the water pump on a small block Chevy)
* The pump will  fit very nicely in the same location of the old pump
* I wired it with a relay just to be on the safe side, did not trust the
"chintzy" OEM wires, the pump has continues 12Volt and the ground is
activated when the pump is on (OEM set-up), you have to wire it accordingly,
no big deal
* the pump runs noticeably less time than the OEM pump, probably because it
is a REAL pump not a "piss poor" (engineering terminology) excuse for a pump
* cost for the pump is about $90 and Shogun has them (they are on the net),
I will dig the phone # for who ever wants it, the company is located in
Prior lake MN 1 800 527 5665 tech line # is 612 447 6784

I think I covered everything, did I miss something Frank? If I did let me

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I could not find the previous posts I recalled on the "Shogun"
afterrun Cooling pump details.

I would appreciate any BTDT suggested procedures/what part and
subsequent experiences -  success or failures regarding this approach
and any other alternatives to the expensive dealer pump.

If there is a good reason not to use this and shell out the $$$ then
Mr. cheapskate here would appreciate not doing anything to kludgy and
will bite the bullet if good reason prevails.

TIA for your replies to my alternate email address:

Ben Swann
3Qs - trying to get the 865KCSQT on the road - soon!