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type 44 windshield revisited

Ok then, the list consensus seems to be don't bother trying to get a used 
WS out of a parts car and the glass guys I talked to weren't very 
enthusiastic either. Quotes for new with-antenna glass ranged from $600 
plus molding to $750 plus molding (dealer) to the winner, the 
dealer-recommended shop of Harmon Glass, $469 *including* molding 
("non-premium" glass but with tint and shade). One place has a $100 
kickback when you use insurance, tempting but this isn't the recommended 
shop. Non-antenna 5k glass is a lot cheaper, but by the time the $100 
molding gets added in it's still more than my $250 deductible so I'm not 
going to bother with the VIN-window-relocation hassle. Called my insurance 
company, and I will make an appointment with Harmon for next week sometime. 
They need a day's notice to order it in, and require the car to sit and let 
the urethane cure for four hours after installation for the warranty to be 
valid, but I don't need to watch all of that.

HTH somebody somewhere,
Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 105k, working on those wires tonight (I promise, James)
1988 GTI 16v, 198k, badly sagging headliner - too hot in Boise!