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Re: Eibach or H&R?

In a message dated 7/29/99 9:46:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
four_rings@worldnet.att.net writes:

> So folks, what's the latest consensus?
>  I want to go as low as I can without getting stuck in 10cm of snow.
>  I recall reading that Eibachs rise the nose in reference to the rear.
>  This is certainly unacceptable. I'd rather have the car level or
>  slightly raked forward at most.

definally go with the H&Rs.  And do ask if it is the racing kind(Red).  I 
didn't want a dramatic drop, so I went with 1.5 in front and 1.4 is back.  
Looks great!

I heard that eibach is suppose to be a better brand, but I would question 

Jason C
89 200t10v