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RE: the lads at work

Paul Wrote:

> > Alternatively, you might just consider slathering a good amount of
> > Never-Seize on the inside face of the wheel where it contacts the
> > rotor/drum.
>> What kind of alloys are these anyway?  My alloys don't seem to get stuck
>> at all.

> A steel bolt threaded into an aluminum hole can be very tough to get out
> it's been subjected to the right conditions.  This is why God invented
> impact drivers.  So, it makes sense that an aluminum wheel could get stuck
> to a steel rotor.

> I have had this happen but I just kicked the tire and it came loose.

I've heard that one approach to disengaging a stuck wheel is to partially
loosen but not remove the lug nuts (or studs) and gently lower the vehicle
to the ground. The weight of the vehicle will do the trick.

Would this damage the threads on the studs?

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