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Re: the lads at work

Funny, I've dealt with stuck rims on a number of vehicles. One well placed,
flat footed kick to the top section of the tire always seems to loosen
them(just make sure the vehicle is well supported). Isn't it amazing how
stupid people are now-a-days.

John Cunningham wrote:

> witnessed yesterday while wandering through a filling station:
> mech beating directly and firmly on the inside rim of an alloy wheel of
> a very new high $$ SUV with a large sledge hammer (not a mallet).
> me: "having trouble with that?"
> monkey boy: "yeah, these damn alloys get stuck on - this is the only way
> to get 'em off"  (resumes deforming customers wheel)
> note to self:  buy tire changing and balancing equipment.  trust no one.
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