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Cleaning vinyl...


I might have asked this before, I can't recall. The vinyl panels
in my 1990 200 needs a good cleaning. When I got the car they had
been polished up to a shiny lustre, which I hate since I can't see
out the windshield when the sun shines on the dash. The problem
with the dash is that the lines/pres seem to have muck caked in them.
I've tried alot of things to get the stuff out, but as soon as it all
dries the grotty looking lines are still there. I followed a lister's
advice to wash the dash with normal skin soap and water to try and get
rid of the ridiculous lustre, but not much luck there. The best thing
I've tried is Holts Vinyl Cleaner. The cloth wound up pitch black, so I
reckon it got alot of the stuff, but I still need to try and clean out
those pores.

I've driven a younger 200. Its dashboard was gorgeous. A dull, clean
black with no crud on it.

Would like to know what advice listers have for cleaning out the
pores of the vinyl. It's a little annoying to lose vision when
driving into the sun. (Need new windshield after the lovely events
from Wednesday night, so I guess I'll be able to get rid of some of
the glare due to the sandblasted windshield.)