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RE: the lads at work

on our 94 4Runner (w/ stock 31x10.5 tires) has always had this problem, the
guys endup sitting there for up to twenty minutes just kicking and beating
the tires (note tires NOT wheels).

Just my .02

   - 98.5' A4 2.8QMS
   - 94' 4Runner SR5-V6

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Paul Wilson wrote:
> > [...]
> > monkey boy: "yeah, these damn alloys get stuck on - this is the only way
> > to get 'em off"  (resumes deforming customers wheel)
> >
> > note to self:  buy tire changing and balancing equipment.  trust no one.
> Alternatively, you might just consider slathering a good amount of
> Never-Seize on the inside face of the wheel where it contacts the
> rotor/drum.

What kind of alloys are these anyway?  My alloys don't seem to get stuck
at all.