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Re: witnessed S2 - going to ME?

got the following answer off-list actually:
"That was Dimitri Andreou's s2 he is from Toronto"

and didn't look like the usual Sprongl paint job / logo - very plain
jane at this point (maybe going to get it's stickers before the race?)

Kevin Bent wrote:

> Probably the family Sprongl in the hunt again.
> Kevin Bent
> 83 UrQ
> "the way I drive I don't worry about my cholesterol"
> >So about 20 minutes ago, i chased down a Libra van with a load of
> fresh
> >tires on the roof, towing what appears to be a race ready red & white
> S2
> >South on I-89 out of Burl. VT.- Maine bound I assume. Any rally fans
> >know whose car? Didn't see any sponsors on it but may have missed
> >
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