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RE: the lads at work

> monkey boy: "yeah, these damn alloys get stuck on - this is the only way
> to get 'em off"  (resumes deforming customers wheel)
> note to self:  buy tire changing and balancing equipment.  trust no one.
... I learned never to leave them alone many years ago when a _Goodyear_
shop dropped one of my ur-q's 16 spoke Ronals to the ground from about chest
height ... and then later proceeded to whip out the pneumatic wrench when I
had explicitly noted that I wanted the lug bolts torqued with a torque
wrench ...

... that was the last set of Goodyear tires I purchased anywhere ... and
I've watched almost every tire I've bought mounted, balanced and installed
since ...

... one of the nice things about having _so_many_ sets of spares and an
Avant that can hold a set of 4 is that you can take the wheels off yourself
and take them to the shop loose ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)