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RE: A12 minivan

> Today's NYTimes has a review of the "Next Roads: Automobiles for the Next 
> Century" exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.  Among the concept cars on 
> display in the gardens behind the museum at 11 W. 53rd St. is the Audi A12
> super lightweight minivan.  Call 212-708-9400 for further exhibit info. 
>  The show runs thru 9/21.
Actually it is an Al [like the chemical symbol for Aluminum] 2 ... and I
really  doubt that it qualifies as a minivan.  I saw the same thing on the
CBS "This Morning" show yesterday ... it was the first vehicle that they
showed when they were talking about how the automobile may be changing in
the next century ...

Maybe things are looking up for Audi ... last night when driving home from
work I saw a brand new TT parked around the corner ... so now on my block
there is me (with 5 Audis in the garage and driveway :) a new A6 owner over
the back fence and now a TT.  I remember the days when I could go a whole
day without seeing one ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)